Thursday, April 12, 2012

PINspiration! The Easter Board

There's no way around it, no doubt about it, stick a fork in me I am totally done, one hundred and ten percent addicted to Pinterest.  If you have been under a mossy rock somewhere and you don't know what that is, just go on over and get yourself an invite and sign up for the world's best electronic bulletin board EVER. I keep saying I'm not a hoarder, but in all reality, I probably do have a tendency. Pinterest, you are an enabler. I can "keep" all these wonderful projects and tidbits of information in a VISUAL, electronic filing cabinet.  It's eye candy, and craft-porn, and over stimulation all in one handy dandy little box on my desktop...or laptop...or tablet...or smart phone. Ah, but enough of my ode to Pinterest. The short of it is this, we pin and pin and pin and save so many recipes and craft projects, and I spend a good amount of time wondering if I will EVER get to actually USE my pins and make some of these things I see and I wonder if I'm just window crafting. That's like window shopping, but just looking at craft projects saying, "someday." NOOOOOOO!!!  To avoid this, I made myself a goal. 

Make something beautiful EVERY day. 

 I may or may not have actually accomplished this goal, but it has been fun to try. My somethings beautiful are also open for interpretation. For example, inspired by Pinterest, I made a beautiful Chicken Tamale Pie. I made a couple of minor changes, but for the most part, I got a great recipe the fam loved and it was so easy to do. Just because I sat here clicking through what my friends were looking at. Anyway, I really got nuts for Easter and pinned a whole board for the holiday. I will have a board for all the holidays. I found things to do, and then forgot half of them by the time it rolled around, and just think how upset I would have been when I saw someone else post their deviled eggs that look like hatching chicks on facebook if I forgot to do mine!! Grrr. Thank you, beautiful filing cabinet! Shiny ADD, enabler Pinterest, again I say, I love you! So here are the projects I DID remember for Easter. I have included links to the original blogs where they exist. Some pins on the almighty Pinterest are just pictures. When possible, I back track to find the original tutorial so credit can be given where it is due. (In fact, if you see a project on here that you KNOW there is an uncredited source for, feel free to leave a NICELY WORDED comment and a link if possible, and I will check it out and try make the hook up. If you aren't nice about it, I will just delete your comment and pretend you don't me Cleopatra if you will. Rule #1 at PP: Be nice or leave.)  

Pinspired Project #1: Krispie Carrots
My version looks VERY different from the ones you will see in this tutorial. Hers are much easier to do!! I didn't want to go to the commissary for pre-made treats, so we made them at home. Next time I make these, especially if I do them in bulk, I WILL get the pre-made because I don't like forming these by hand. Just sayin'. Although, they were incredibly tasty. I had no idea that the vanilla flavored candy melts would be so complimentary to Rice Krispie Treats. WowSA! Tutorial is here at The Celebration Shoppe.

Pinspired Project #2:Strawberry Carrots
Hey, while we've got the candy melts out...Make sure your strawberries are washed and COMPLETELY dry. Wilton candy melts don't like to have water added.  Follow the directions on the bag for melting. This one only had a photo on Pinterest. It didn't link back to a blog, but I googled, and this is a blog I found with some other cute dipping ideas with different colors.   Visit Ms. Flour Girl for a good how-to.

Pinspired Project #3:  The Hatching Chick Deviled Eggs
These guys crack me up! Pun intended. I found no step by step for this one other than a video from Rachael Rae, which I didn't watch because it took too long to open. I have a few tips of my own. First, bring your patience. Peeling these is a trick, because you don't really get to hide the ugly side on the bottom of the platter. Once you have your WHOLE eggs peeled, you're gonna slice the caps off. I did this at about two-thirds of the way up. NOTE: You don't always hit the egg yolk at this point, and you have to get creative and dig around a bit with a spoon. I found a grapefruit spoon worked well. After you have separated all the yolks, you can whip up your filling. (Everyone has their own recipe, ours is mayo, mustard, relish, a little salt to taste, mixed til creamy) Do yourself a favor and fill these with a pastry or icing bag. Some of the little caps were too heavy so I had to slice a bit off and position them carefully. Eyes are olive pieces and beaks are carrots. Don't be afraid to play with your food until you get what you like. :o)

Pinspired Project #4: The Bunny Cake

Excuse me, Garcon, there is a hare in my cake...OH I LOVE THIS GUY!  So there was a pin floating around where this photo had been posted on a cake photo website giving NO credit to the original poster and giving us Pinheads no link back to the tutorial for it. The tips on this REALLY helped me out, people! Be sure to link properly when you pin. It helps us all. I kick myself in the butt all the time when I go back to get a pin and finally "do it" and there's nothing behind my link. Just a photo. Well, Hell's Bells, now I am in project mode and I have to stop and google again. Anyway, click on over here to Sillybees Chickadees and learn how to make this awesome fluffster.  Follow the advice about ONE drop of food coloring. It's true. Also, the ear carving is perfect.

Pinspired Project #5: The Egg Banner
I love recycling! This project should actually be on the recycle remix category, but it's not an original, so I'll give credit where credit is due. :)  This cute idea got folded and put away for next Easter, too. I made three of them, for all my large downstairs windows. These are so on the cheap and can be done with the kids. I plan to make some banners for other stuff too. Birthdays, July 4th...Halloween. The tutorial found at CreationsbyKara even has a free printable pattern for the book pages. 

Pinspired Project #6: PEEP-tini Cocktails

After all that crafting, YES I want a drink. So I tried the original recipe found at Feast of Fun.
I do love the idea, but I am NOT a big milk drinker, if you are give this one a try.
It calls for milk, and honestly while it may look cute in the glass,  to me it looks like Pepto-Bismol and tastes like cherry cough syrup. We scratched that and tried again. It's what we call, Back up and Punt. I'm not about to let these adorable glasses OR cherry vodka go to waste. Good thing we keep a well stocked bar. 

Our new recipe: (2 cocktails)
3 oz cherry vodka
1 oz triple sec
dash grenadine
5 oz ruby red grapefruit juice
3 oz club soda
splash of lime

Shake over ice and serve, and yes I DO realize that shaking club soda can be messy. I am such a child I will opt for a fruity, fizzy base layer in my drink any day of the week.  The refreshment is worth the mess. You can just roll it around in your shaker if you want. Don't be too vigorous. 

And there you have it, an adorable,  Pinspired Easter.  Don't just hoard your pins, try them!

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