Monday, April 16, 2012

PINspiration! Playing Dress Up

So I've had this mirror from Wal-Mart for a while now. Big shout out to Wally World for getting us all the stuff we "need" on the cheap, but by golly this thing is UGLY. I have moved it all over my bedroom, trying to find a balance between convenience of use and not having to look at the dumb thing. I've even had to stack it on top of stuff to be able to see all of myself in it. I get tired of looking at a headless pear, you know? Anyway, Pinterest to the rescue. Someone, actually many someones have pinned this little project from Shanty to Chic. It is SUPER simple it just takes a little time to wait for glue and paint to dry.
My finished project
I followed the tutorial found at Shanty to Chic
I made a couple of minor changes because of product availability and personal preference. 
My 6' fence boards are cedar and wider than the ones used on the blog.
 I bought four instead of five (2.39ea).
I did use gorilla glue to attach the mirror.  As always with GG it's going to puff out of the sides if you get too close to the edges. I always stay about 1 inch inside my border. Watch for it to puff out, and you can wipe it off while it is still wet. Note the placement off the floor. I did this because I previously had my mirror stacked on top of something else to make it taller. If you are going to do this, don't trim your 6' boards. The blog mirror is about 5 feet tall. I kept mine 6 feet.  
My wood accent at the top (larger size than the tutorial 10.99) is attached with wood glue and then air nailed in. I know most people don't have an air nailer, but if you wood glue it, you can always clamp it until it's dry. I don't trust hot glue in the temperature extremes we have. ;) 
I also spray painted instead of brushing on acrylic paint. The cedar boards don't soak in an even coat of the paint, so they stay rustic looking. My base color was a matte finish cream by Rust-O-leum(4.39). I brushed on and rubbed off Martha Stewart Home metallic glaze (5.50). The color is Muscovado. 
I bought all these materials at Home Depot. Yeah, I'm $30.00 in on a $5.00 mirror, but really have you priced mirrors? Especially in Alaska. I've already used the two paints for another project, so really I didn't spend ALL that money on this thing. Plus, if I decide I hate the way it looks later, I can always shove it in the closet to keep bugs out. Cedar. 
There's your PINspired Project for today! 

What are YOU pinning?


  1. That is very pretty! I really need a full-length mirror in my bedroom. Hmmmmm.....

  2. I would love to see your twist on it. Send me a picture for the blog if you do it. ;-)