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PINspiration! Mixed Medium Smash Up

In all my pinning frenzy, I have pinned my own projects hoping to generate a bit of traffic to my own website. Yes, like everyone else, I participate in some shameless self promotion. It does a body good. I like when people like me. Imagine my glee when someone actually repinned my funky little picture to a really awesome board. I mean, I go there looking at all these things this pinner has pinned. (by the way, I'm thinking of making a new drinking game where you take a drink every time I use the word pin. PIN PIN PIN PIN. Yay! Crafting is fun!) Anyway, there's some really beautiful stuff, and wow, I made it on this board, too. COOL! I know I sound like a complete amateur, but to me that is a complement. I loved so many of the pins on this board, I stopped in the middle of re-arranging four rooms at the same time to sit down and craft. That was logical, I know. It needed to be done. Anyway, I have a few links to what Pinspired me, and then what I made, and how I did it.

First up. This quote. Love it. It's kind of my creating philosophy. I was asked about where I learned to do the things I do. I think more than anything, I learned to do or make things because growing up, we didn't have the money to buy them. My mother and step-mother, who are both called my mother (I was never called a STEP child, that means hurt or broken, and I wasn't treated as such.) are both fantastically  imaginative and inventive in their use of funds and materials. They didn't get to go buy all new stuff to redecorate a room just because a season changed, but they wanted their homes to stay on trend and beautiful. They BOTH have very differing styles, but are so amazing at what they can make out of practically nothing. I give them credit for my alchemic skills in turning garbage into greatness. I have been dumpster diving so many times, it's not funny. I look at refuse piles on the side of the road and get excited when I see pieces of furniture poking out. I think I will ALWAYS drive a truck. I'm just sayin'. Do what you can with what you have where you are. ~Theodore Roosevelt.
photo from Pinterest, art by Pitter Patter Art

This cute picture of it came from Pinterest. It is no longer available for sale, but she has some other cute pieces with inspirational quotes. Check out Pitter Patter Art. 

Boy...the day I find old sheet music for sale...for now old paper backs will have to do. I like getting mine from the thrift store on post. It supports our ASYMCA. They do lots of projects to take care of soldiers and families.

This cool board has the paperback page backing. Love the tree, too. I'm thinking of something for this tree. You might see it later. Unfortunately, I could not find the original artist of this piece. If you know who it is, please tell me. (nicely)
photo from Pinterest artist unknown

I love the bloom on here. Well, I love all the colors and the message, but specifically for this project, the word bloom...
photo from Pinterest artist Joanne Z. Sharpe
AND HOLY CRACKERS, y'all! She teaches how to letter like this!! For $35 you get 29 lessons and unlimited access! That's VERY reasonable in my book. I'm going to invest in myself and buy in. If you are a journaler or you just want to write something cutesie, you can do this! I think this work is incredible. 
It's called WHIMspirations. 

And finally, one more piece went into this Pinspired Project. 
photo from Pinterest art by Love is in the Details
 This one goes back to another blog called Love is In the Details.
I didn't find this piece on that site, so I hope it is really there. This resembles the work they are offering classes for, so hopefully, I'm leading you in the right direction. ;)

PINSPIRED PROJECT: Mixed Medium Quote Board
You Can, 24x24 Mixed Medium, Paper, Acrylic, Ink, & ModPodge on wood.

Step 1:
Base Layer
ModPodge the underside of the book pages only. If you MP the tops, the paint doesn't stick well.
I used a paper cutter to trim the edges off my pages, too. You don't really want big white "gutters" from the margins. It will make a really distracting grid. 
Step 2: 
Paper Details
I used patterned scrapbooking paper to make my flowers and butterfly. You could always paint these on or use stickers (use what you have), but the whole point of this mixed media stuff is to add interest through different layers and different textures.  Below, are some of the parts cut out, and I'm beginning to place them on the board. Once they are in place, I make small marks with a sharpie where they are because I'm going to take them all off and paint the back ground. The sharpie marks make it easier to put them back where I wanted them to go in the first place. 
 Step 3:
Detailing the Details
You might also notice the flower on the right has black lines. This sketchy look is achieved by first outlining a few millimeters from the edge with a regular sharpie that has been worn down. Not quite fine tip. Then use a sharp sharpie and kind of sketch around those fat lines. The lines add dimension to your flat pieces and the sketchiness makes them less static. 
You can also add details like this butterfly.
If you don't know where to draw lines on a butterfly, google it. I promise you will find SOMETHING you can use. If you are afraid, do it in pencil first. If you mess it's just paper. Try again. 
Step 4:
The Background

It really is just a bunch of watered down acrylic smeared all around. I live in Alaska, and I keep forgetting how arid it is here. I should have used blending gel or floating medium to get better blends, but it is what it is. and I'm not upset about it. It's still cute. I also added the word bloom with white paint and I stamped with ink to add another layer of texture. You can use anything to make texture like this. I happened to have a stamp I liked, but a rolled up rubber band, or a piece of metal fencing, or a piece of bubble wrap can all make texture. Use what you have where you are. The paint is watered down so we can still see the words on the pages remember. What is the point of a layer if you can't see it?

Step 5:
Glue the Paper Details
Use your modpodge and glue the paper details to the board. Try not to get modpodge where you will have to write with sharpie (the word bloom). It just works better to write directly on the paint.
Fill in any lettering or other details. I put some little curlicues around my flowers. 

Step 6:
White out and Lettering
Use blending gel and white paint to cloud out a spot for your quote. This will help it stand apart from the rest of the back ground. Pencil in your quote and paint, sharpie, or paint pen it on. Whatever works best for you. I typically letter with a flat paintbrush, but my second choice is Sharpie enamel paint markers. The paintbrush is faster for me, but everyone is different.  Theodore Roosevelt is stamped on with a couple different fonts of rubber stamps. 

Step 7:
Mod Podge the Whole Doohickey
Yep. As soon as all of your elements are dry, put your top layer of Mod-Podge on. You are sealing everything together in one layer. Any of your paper pieces that were trying to peel up will be stuck down now, and the whole thing will dry to a glossy sheen.

That's my take on a few Pinspiring pieces. This guy is next. :)

Happy Pinning and Happy Crafting! Leave me a comment and let me know what Pinspires you, or find my Request Board on Pinterest where you could Pinspire my next project!!

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