Saturday, June 2, 2012

Let's face it...I was never going to get the house ALL THE WAY CLEAN. 
I mean, I live here. With other people!!

Anyway, I am talking about that because there is a stack of prints sitting here beside me waiting to be painted. Or hand colored, whatever you want to call it. That's what I decided to do instead of clean house this week. I decided to start selling paintings again. Yep. I am now a licensed business owner in the state of Alaska. The funny thing is, I'm blogging. Why? Because I had to stop in the middle of learning how to screen print and set up a business and open an Etsy store, and so now obviously I have to stop and blog about it, gah. And that is why my house will never be clean. And that is why I will never be caught up on all my wonderful blog posts. 

Here is a link, though...

That is my registered business name in Alaska. Me. I'm a fish. Pisces. Plus I like William Faulkner. (That is a reference to As I Lay Dying.) I live in Alaska, and I have become part of the permafrost, and this new line of prints I think is reflecting that new absurdity. (Well, really I'm sure it was always there, it just becomes harder to hide it with a good case of cabin fever and Army-wifitis.) Ink, because... there is INK involved in printing, slowness, and also because if you use INC or LLC or DBA in your business name then you have to do extra paperwork, so HA! Stick it to the man! I have not even had coffee today, people.  Midnight sun does things to you. Truly.  Just ask Super Husky.

Here she is featured in this original screen print
"Howling at the Midnight Sun"
although, if you ask me, she sort of looks like she's laughing. I think a couple of winters in the interior can do that to you.  I find myself waiting impatiently for the sun to return. I actually did this dance under the aurora borealis display we saw one night and called it my "break up dance."  No, not my "break up with my hubby dance".  Break up is what happens when all the snow and ice "break up" and go away. I really did look as crazy as the dog over there. No kidding.  All that silliness aside, it's been a little hard adjusting to life up here, but I know there are things I will really miss when our time here is done, so for now, my focus will be on capturing those wonderful things in my own crazy way while I still have them to enjoy. 

Don't forget to go check out 

The walls are a little bare right now, but I'm working as fast as I can to add more inventory.  Hopefully, I'll send some memories home with the tourists this summer, too.  I remember what it was like when we drove in the first time. I wrote long letters home about all of it. We mailed a set to ourselves, too. Thank goodness we didn't open them. I would have edited them after shoveling the driveway this past winter. Aww, FISHSTICKS!!

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