Thursday, January 24, 2013

CALL FOR ENTRIES: Valentine Contest

With all the new likes/followers on Facebook, 
I keep thinking of this quote from one of my very favorite authors.

“Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that but the really great make you feel that you too can become great. When you are seeking to bring big plans to fruition it is important with whom you regularly associate. Hang out with friends who are like-minded and who are also designing purpose-filled lives. Similarly be that kind of a friend for your friends.”  

-Mark Twain

Let me tell you a little story, or make a confession, actually.  I was afraid to start this style of marketing on Facebook where crafters "like" other crafters' pages and then share the new page. I thought this would water down my market and only help the really established pages in the long run.  I thought I would start to create things based on what other people are selling and not stay true to my own style. I thought there would be too much competition. I was wrong. Dead wrong. 

I've added new likes for sure, but more importantly, I've surrounded myself with people who are trying to do what I'm trying to do.  Build their own business from home. I see their posts, I learn what works, I share in their ups and downs but most of all


It really does help to surround yourself with people moving in the same direction. It makes it easier to "go with the flow."  So, now that you've heard from me on my soap box, I'll tell you about the contest. Because I KNOW there are so many creatives out there who love a good challenge, here it is._

------------>Subscribe to my email list<----------- and get this FREE Downloadable PDF Valentine. It will print out to a half fold card. This is the front.  You can use all or part of it in the contest.


I want to see how YOU embellish the card or use it in a project!!
I'll let you all vote on facebook and on my blog for your favorite.
 The only rules are
1.You must use a recognizable portion of the PDF,
2. You must credit KH Kellum for the parts you use,
3.Don't share the PDF. It is for email subscribers only.

You can alter the Valentine in ANY way you see fit including but not limited to

 mixed media, journaling, decoupage, fiber arts,
sewing, whatever you can think of. I know I'm surrounded by so many creative people,
I just can't wait to see what you do!

Email a high quality photo of your entry so I can share it for voting and viewing in the contest photo album on the blog and  my Facebook page. Don't worry, you'll be credited for your entry as well, so be sure to give me your name and your business page to tag if you have one.

 Due FEB 13th 12:00 midnight (Alaska Time)

I'll be creating a special prize for the winner!





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